Most and least popular posts of 2021

The quietest year on the blog since 2015 thanks to more limited travel opportunities with the New Zealand borders closed, but I still published 92 posts this year, a mixture of local adventures and overseas trips from the archives (USA, Hong Kong, Australia, UK, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand). The most frequent visitors were from NZ, USA, Australia, UK, Austria, India, China, Canada, Germany, Thailand.

Most popular posts

As usual the most popular post by far was New Zealand Great Walks Ranked, which like last year attracted about 7% of the total visits to the site. The updated New Zealand tramps (multi-day walks) ranked was also popular, covering the 29 multi-day hikes I’ve done to date.

Oddly the third and fourth most popular posts, getting the same number of visits as last year, were Auckland Heritage – Roy Lippincott and North Shore Coastal Walk – Devonport to Long Bay, despite both being published back in 2017 and 2015 respectively.

The three most popular new posts this year were Reefton, Provincetown, and Gisborne.

Least popular posts

To publicise the least popular new posts this year, a couple from my travels in SE Asia in 2013, covering Phnom Penh and Hanoi.

A couple from a trip to Hong Kong & Macau back in 2010, covering Macau and Kowloon & Lantau Island.

And one with bad photos from 2007 on New York Museums, and one with much better photos of Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre.

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