Kensington Palace

Once the home of Queen Victoria, William III, Mary II, Queen Anne, Princess Diana, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate), Kensington Palace is a historical royal palace located at the western end of Hyde Park. It is still home to royalty, military, staff and general citizens, but the State Rooms are open to the public.

To start with the grandest rooms, the King’s Rooms, designed during the reign of King George I, with wonderful ceilings designed by William Kent.

The Queen’s Rooms, dating to Queen Mary II were much simpler, but would have been filled with lavish objects during her reign.

Queen Victoria was born and grew up in Kensington Palace, moving to Buckingham Palace when she became the monarch at the age of 18. Kensington Palace fell into disuse and there was talk of it being demolished but Victoria vetoed the idea while she remained Queen. One unusual object was a model opera house which played recorded music as figures and sets moving around on stage.

To finish with the neighbouring Princess Diana Memorial Garden, which is very pleasant other than the somewhat disturbing statue of Diana with children at one end.

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