Chiddingstone Castle

An English house / castle with a difference, Chiddingstone Castle is home to the eclectic collection of Denys Eyre Bower, who with limited means managed to acquire an extensive range of Japanese, Egyptian, Stuart and Jacobite, and Buddhist objects. He had hoped for the house and collection to be taken on by the National Trust on his death 1977, but without an endowment they weren’t interested, and it is now in the hands of a trust.

There was a house on the site in the 16th century, but what remains now mostly dates from the early 19th century, as a castle inspired home to the Streatfeild family.

Inside each collection has a room to itself, starting with his impressive Japanese collection. Denys collected most of the objects in the 1920s and 1930s when Japanese objects were out of fashion, and therefore affordable to him on his bank clerk salary.

The Egyptian collection has some larger objects of note, including a mummy case.

There were some nice statues in the Buddhist room.

There was quite a variety of styles in rooms around the house.

Outside the house are rather lovely grounds, with some colourful beds.

The pond is renowned for fishing, and offered good reflections.

To finish with the orangery, capped with a flash new roof, catering to weddings and events.

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