Best of 2016 – Tramping / hiking – New Zealand

A reasonably successful third year of tramping / hiking in New Zealand. Completed my longest and toughest tramp – five days for the Travers-Sabine Circuit, including Angelus Hut and an overnight detour to Blue Lake, completed the last of the Great Walks with a day and a half circuit of Lake Waikaremoana, just about stayed warm enough during a winter wander along the Greenstone Caples, and did a bunch of day walks from Queenstown, and from Auckland along the West Coast and out in the Hauraki Gulf.

Follow the links for details, here are a few photos from each trip.

Travers-Sabine Circuit, Angelus Hut and Blue Lake detourDSC01794DSC01630DSC02142DSC02320

Lake WaikaremoanaDSC03020DSC03033DSC03124

Greenstone CaplesDSC04889DSC04925DSC05217DSC05190

Hauraki Gulf islandsRakino Island and RangitotoDSC02842DSC00876

Paekakariki Escarpment Track, Wellingtondsc08434 dsc08412 dsc08445

Auckland West Coast – Bethell’s Beach / Te Henga Walkway and Omanawanui Trackdsc07301dsc07287dsc05085-wigmore-bay-and-bethells-beach

Queenstown day walksWelome Rock TrailMoonlight Track and Ben Lomond TrackDSC04135DSC04043DSC04473 DSC04495DSC04524 DSC04573 DSC04685 DSC04695

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