Far better than reputation may suggest, Timaru is a rather lovely, if slightly dilapidated, seaside town on the East Coast of the South Island. Caroline Bay is a beautiful spot, whether seen from the top of the hill, wandering across the boardwalk, or down on the beach.img_0226 img_0206 dsc_0572 dsc_0571 img_0216 dsc_0560 dsc_0566

The Sacred Heart Basilica is an unexpectedly grand sight on the skyline, as impressive on the inside as from outside.dsc_0519-sacred-heart-basilica dsc_0524 dsc_0528 dsc_0533

St Mary’s Church isn’t bad either.dsc_0550 dsc_0552

The South Canterbury Museum is undergoing some extensive changes atm but had a few sights of interest.dsc_0545-south-canterbury-museum dsc_0547

There are also some attractive if often run down heritage buildings around town, the gentrification Oamaru down the coast has gone through has to reach Timaru.dsc_0559

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  1. Geez, somehow we get the impression there aren’t many people around…! And they build all of this….just wondering how busy it might have been at its height.

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