Most and least popular posts of 2019

I published 143 posts on this blog in 2019, a little under three a week due to a pause in October when I was completely off the grid for a month hiking in Bhutan. They mainly covered my travels in 2019, though I did so much that posts from my last trip of the year won’t appear until May 2020. I also caught up with travels from previous years in Europe, and wrote a little about New Zealand. As usual travel posts were the most liked, but hiking posts the most visited.

After plateauing in 2018 visitor numbers were up nearly 25% in 2019, with over 25,000 visitors, though the number of likes and comments in 2019 was a third of that in 2017 when I had a quarter fewer visitors. The top five countries for visitors remained the same – New Zealand, America, Australia, UK, and Canada, but I got more visitors from India, China and Thailand.

Most popular posts

New Zealand Great Walks ranked remains by far the most popular post, but New Zealand tramps (multi-day walks) ranked was new this year and the second most popular post. It was followed by a couple of posts from 2018 relating to my first (and only so far) cruise – 22 days around South America and Antarctica, m.s. Zaandam, and then by a couple of comparison posts – Iceland v New Zealand, and Patagonia v South Island New Zealand.

The seventh most popular was Tour du Mont Blanc – Stages 3 & 4 Refuge Robert Blanc to Rifugio Monte Bianco, followed unexpectedly by Running in Georgia, and then Round the Mountain, which is one of the oldest on the site. The Routeburn Track rounded out the top ten.

Least popular posts

Time to show some love to the least popular new posts this year (based on visits), starting with Walker’s Haute Route – Stages 11 & 12 Cabane Bella Tola to St Niklaus which was a shame as I thought it had some quite lovely photos.

As did Walker’s Haute Route – Stages 10 & 11 Cabane de Moiry to Cabae Bella Tola, though both were only published in early November.

Te Uru couldn’t use that excuse as it was published in June. Clearly the gnome wasn’t suffice to entice people to check out the post.

Cape Le Grand National Park was even older, and filled with stunning coastal scenery.

Lake Inle was the least popular of my posts from the exceptionally photogenic Myanmar (Burma).

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